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Spotlight on Innovation: Kirsty Tinsley’s Groundbreaking Work Featured in TES

29th April 2024

Spotlight on Innovation: Kirsty Tinsley’s Groundbreaking Work Featured in TES

Ҵý is proud to celebrate the recognition of Kirsty Tinsley, our Head of Research, for her insightful contribution to TES. In her recent , Kirsty expertly discusses the substantial benefits that arise from giving teachers the time and space to explore and implement their own educational research-informed ideas.

Empowering Educators Through Structured Innovation

Kirsty’s article, titled "How We Give Teachers Time and Space to Innovate," serves as a testament to the innovative practices we champion here at Ҵý. She outlines how our WAT Practitioner Researcher programme facilitates this by providing the necessary framework for educators to engage actively with both seminal and practice-informed research.

Highlights from the TES Article

  • Professional Autonomy: Kirsty emphasises the importance of autonomy in educational settings, allowing teachers to tailor research projects to specific challenges they face in their classrooms.
  • Practical Application: The article details how structured research time leads to practical applications that enhance teaching strategies and student outcomes, citing specific examples such as improving engagement through reading for pleasure and utilising digital technologies in assessment for learning.
  • Community and Collaboration: By fostering a community of practice, our programme encourages educators to share insights and collaborate on research projects, strengthening the collective expertise within our trust.

The Impact of Research-Informed Teaching

Kirsty’s work and her feature in TES highlight the impact of our dedicated approach to research-informed teaching—a cornerstone of our mission to develop high-performing schools where both staff and students thrive. Her article not only reflects her leadership in this field but also aligns with Ҵý’s strategic objectives to build staff talent and drive education for the greater public good.

Join Us in Applauding Kirsty Tinsley

We invite the WAT family and the broader educational community to read Kirsty’s . The insights shared make a compelling case for the value of giving educators the resources they need to innovate.

Kirsty’s leadership and commitment to excellence continue to inspire us all, proving that with the right support and opportunities, our educators can and do lead the way in transforming education.